Jayā Saraswatī


Jayānanda & Saraswatī offer us a moment of presence to inquire internally the source of sound and the heart of who we are in their intimate prayerformances and devotional concerts. Originally from Australia, they now reside on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala where they met and have merged their inspired offerings and Teachings of Yogic Philosophy, Sound Healing, Therapeutics, Bhakti, Mantra & Nāda Yoga in their unique conscious living retreat center - The Yoga Forest. Presenting holistic Yoga & Sound Teacher Training's, Transformational Retreats and Shamanic Cleanses in magical destinations such Peru, Thailand, Mexico, Bali & Australia.






Welcoming the debut album "Wave of the Heart" by the devotional duo Jayā Saraswatī, sharing and carrying songs of meditation, celebration, deep prayer and power all around the world. This album is a tapestry blended from start to finish to give the sense of a journey into the 'Wave of the Heart' returning again to be absorbed completely into the ocean, the Ocean of Love. 10 tracks weaving Ancient Mantra, Heart-Songs, Medicine Hymns and Prayers to be held lightly in the reception of our ceremony.


about Jayānanda & Saraswatī

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Jayānanda is a proclaimed apprentice of the Sacred, uniquely carrying the powerful medicine inherent in all of the worlds wisdom traditions through the ‘joining of Dot and Feather’ from eastern philosophies to indigenous practices and disciplines. Grounded in the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Jayā weaves openly through his life passions of Music & Sound Healing, Yoga & Tantra, Shamanism & Medicine work into a teaching prayerful and poetic.

A multi instrumentalist, he infuses the wisdom of Bhakti and Nāda Yoga, devotional Song and deep listening. His healing Sound carries a strong message for us all as it carries the listener deep into the space of ceremony that which shines the wonders of the Medicine path and the many healing tools that have been initiated through Jayānanda.

A published author of three poetry works, Jayā’s words have been celebrated as joyful reminders of the path we walk. Sharing with all hearts a special joy of living, of living through breath and song. Jaya's teachings touch an eternity that is always with us, inspiring us into the realms of the Great Mystery, The Great Mystery that is Here and Now.



Saraswatī embodies the essence of the creative Mother, balancing loving softness with a graceful strength. Her powerful presence inspires and empowers others to step into their full potential, through vibrant authenticity and the awakening to the expansive joy of the heart. Her work brings together the teachings of yoga, non-dualism and earth wisdom, infused with a deep reverence for life.

Guiding people from all over the world to devote time to personal transformation at The Yoga Forest, the conscious living retreat she founded in 2009, Saraswatī wholeheartedly offers herself through the path of devotion; offering kirtan, ceremonies, workshops, retreats and trainings with yoga, breath work, sound healing, singing circles, dance, satsang & sharing circles. Her dedication to creating and holding a safe space allows the veils to fall away, inspiring spontaneous expression and the authentic embodiment of the Truth - all is Love. 

Weaving together her passion for yoga, nature and the elements; her view of sustainable green living and mindfulness practice fuse into a work of deep green yoga.

ceremonial offerings

Sound Satsang | Jayā & Saraswatī

M E R G I N G   I N T O   S O U N D

1.5 to 2 hrs

A ritual prayerformance of Sound and Song to bring us to the Truth of Who We Are. In these offerings Jayä Sarasawatī invoke a profound presence into the sacred space where ancient teachings are available to be received, and insights discovered. Using intention and vibration to allow physical, emotional, and psychological healing for the body and mind, through the Power of Sound, Spoken Word, and Medicinal Song as we enter the heart of All That Is.

Experience the power of sound in a unique healing meditation, learning the essentials of Nāda Yoga- the Yoga of deep listening and contemplation on the Source of Sound, as we are serenaded in a unique shower of shamanic soundscape with instruments from all over the world.

Cacao Sound Ceremonies

2.5 to 3 hrs

Jayā Saraswatī share Ceremonial Cacao, the “Food of the Gods” from their home, the Mayan heartland of Guatemala, as a tool, a guide and a medicine to calm the mind and lighten the heart. 

Cultivate a deep presence and discover the power of prayer and intention through song, sound and vibration in order to restore and transcend; to bring about a profound awareness and a new way of learning through the processes of expression and stillness; the dance of sound and silence.

With the guidance of cacao, we allow the heart and voice to open in ecstatic meditations, as we share Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Devotion, singing Mantra, Medicine Music and Heart songs in several languages to Awaken Love.



for booking inquiries or interviews, email jayaandsaraswati@gmail.com