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Release & Manifest - Shamanic Healing Retreat

"...A simple and powerful program offered in a safe environment which is naturally conducive to the work of letting go of our past and manifesting our dreams.  Each day’s spiritual journey will be filled with lessons that contain stories, insights, systems and tools that can be applied to your personal and professional life.  Through methods such as meditation, yoga, reiki, healing arts and journaling we will practice the art of living in the present moment.

The 4 directions and ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel will provide an anchor for the retreat. Within the foundation of this wisdom we find nature’s intelligence as our guide.  The sacredness of the lake and mountains, the earth and the sky that envelop us become our greatest teachers on this transformational journey.  By simply connecting to the elements, we are shown how to be in the flow of life and release that which no longer serves us...personally and collectively.  Trusting nature’s wisdom, we are able to accept where we are on our path and let go, knowing that we are held in the arms of Mother Earth...supported and connected..."

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