Jayānanda & Saraswatī offer us a moment of presence to inquire internally the source of sound and the heart of who we are through their soul music, offering intimate prayerformances and devotional concerts. 

Aheli - “As an Indian national and practising Hindu, found this rendition to be one of best I have experienced to this date. Brings back fond memories of my childhood, when my mother used to teach us mantras. Thank you.”

Welcoming the debut album "Wave of the Heart" by the devotional duo Jayā Saraswatī, sharing and carrying songs of meditation, celebration, deep prayer and power all around the world. 
This album is a tapestry blended from start to finish to give the sense of a journey into the 'Wave of the Heart' returning again to be absorbed completely into the ocean, the Ocean of Love. 
10 tracks weaving Ancient Mantra, Heart-Songs, Medicine Hymns and Prayers to be held lightly in the reception of our ceremony.