JayĀ and SaraswatĪ approach yoga philosophy and practice holistically. Akhanda, meaning whole or indivisible in Sanskrit indicates a holistic approach that embraces the four traditional paths of yoga. Sadhana means spiritual practice and indicates that all yoga practice is considered an inner spiritual journey.


Jayā and Saraswatī incorporate a balance of teaching, discussion and practice of the four traditional paths:

  • Bhakti Yoga; the Way of the Heart -  Kirtan, chanting, mantra yoga (the use of Vedic mantras for clarity and peace), contemplation of devotional aphorisms and the attitude of surrender
  • Jnana Yoga; the Path of Contemplation -  Vedanta philosophy and the concept of Oneness as the essential reality of the universe)
  • Raja/ Ashtanga Yoga; the Way of the Mind -  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: mindfulness, meditation, and the eight-fold path
  • Karma Yoga; the Path of Service -  Discernment of right action, and responsive versus reactive action

Holistic YOGA CLASSEs, Therapeutic YOga & yoga teacher mentoring / coaching

At The Yoga Forest, we creatively offer yoga and mentoring for yoga teachers incorporating an array of techniques in kriya, asana, bandha, pranayama, mudra and meditation. Within the teaching of holistic yoga classes is an emphasis of the balance between checkpoints for body mechanics, and guidelines for inner inquiry. Postures are linked and connected with breath while mindfully guiding students explore inner stillness.

Both Jaya and Saraswati are available for private yoga classes and tuition in many aspects of the yoga tradition. Specialising in Meditation, Nidra, Nada, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapeutics for individuals & Advanced Teaching Methodology, we can cater to your body's needs as well as offer ongoing mentoring for yoga teachers.

200hr300HR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS with kula collective

In addition to meeting the Yoga Alliance standards for teaching methodology, philosophy, yogic theory and special education, our RYT-300 hour courses focus on the expansion of our own sacred consciousness. 

Once we have connected to the essence of the true teacher within, we are able to integrate the wisdom of our own yoga with the deep wisdom of earth medicine and traditional yogic philosophysubtle energy systems and sound healing practices. The ancient knowledge of these teachings provide the tools and understandings for us as teachers to weave together authentically inspired intentions and themes into our practice and into our classes. 

Opening up through the devotion of bhakti yoga, we incorporate traditional mantra, bhajan and kirtan practice to allow us to journey back to the heart and find our authentic voice as teachers.

Bhakti & nada YOga - jayā saraswatī ૐ SONG & sound ceremony

Each week we offer our unique Song Ceremony in the practice of Bhakti yoga, sharing and opening the heart to the Divine in sweet surrender.  Open your heart and share your voice with our ecstatic meditations, singing ancient Mantra, Bhajan, Medicine Music and Heart Songs in several languages to Awaken Love.



Join an intimate gathering in sound healing meditation, learning the essentials of Nad - the Yoga of Listening as we are serenaded in a unique shower of shamanic soundscape with instruments from all over the world. 



Jayā & Saraswatī are active leaders within kula Collective

Kula Collective is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). Part of a community of yoga teachers, healing practitioners and leaders, we are inspired to share the wisdom of yoga with others on this spiritual path, and are excited to have you as a part of our Kula!!

Kula, in Sanskrit, means home, tribe or community, and comes from the idea that all of the diversity of creation in the universe is in relationship and is connected. It is with this understanding that Kula is a co-created, co-owned and co-governed community that thinks creatively, communicates respectfully, decides unanimously, and acts with integrity.  All of our offerings are rooted in sacred connection and are are woven together through a common thread that respects ancestral traditions, unites our passions, and inspires spiritual growth in ourselves and in others.